401(K) Plans, Mutual Funds & Securities

Our skilled financial professionals at Prosper Financial are devoted to supporting individuals & families to construct perceptive financial plans for their futures.

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401(K) Plans, Mutual Funds & Securities

401(K) Plans, Mutual Funds & Securities

We firmly believe that for an individual to plan for the future accurately, they need first to comprehend the scope of opportunities provided by the market and their risks and advantages.

When you work with our financial planning professionals, we will comprehensively explain the different opportunities for investing and saving your money. Our professionals will examine your financial vision and help you develop a financial plan that’s tailored to your needs. When you reach out to our team, we won’t take shortcuts or provide you with just any kind of solution; we will listen to you as we discuss your individual financial goals.

What Is a 401(K)?

401(k)s are retirement savings plans offered as an employment benefit to employees working for a particular company. These retirement plans operate by permitting employees to preserve & invest a part of their paycheck before having taxes taken out (taxes are paid when you withdraw, not when you are contributing). A significant advantage of 401(k) plans is that occasionally, employers will match contributions for qualified employees.

A distinctive feature of a 401(k) is that it gives the participant power over how their money is invested. This is contrary to other employer-sponsored retirement reserves, such as pension plans.

Mutual Funds & Securities

As mentioned above, you manage how your 401(k) money is invested. This involves selecting between a mix of mutual funds. Mutual funds are a type of investment vehicle that invests in securities. These securities are bonds or stocks. Mutual funds are indeed mutual, and the funds are collected and combined from different investors.

Your 401(K) & Mutual Fund

When you are investing in a 401(k), the money that you, and maybe your employer, have invested will go directly to a mutual fund, which will then have the funds invested in stocks and bonds. You can invest in a mutual fund without having a 401(k). Undoubtedly, a mutual fund is a popular way to bring diversity to your portfolio and prepare for your economic future.

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At Prosper Financial, we realize that planning and preparing for your retirement and financial future can be complicated and confusing. We recognize that things like mutual funds, securities and 401(k)s are complex investment plans, and when you are putting your own money into an investment or savings account, you want to ensure that it’ll perform how you want it to perform.

To discover more about our services and how we can help you work toward a more secure financial future, please call our Schererville office today to arrange a consultation. You can also reach out to us online. We are looking forward to working together.

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