Services For Individuals

Once you come to Prosper Financial, we will create a financial plan that supports every element of your life. We provide accurate and detailed information about your savings, investments, and long-term financial goals. We tailor our wealth management strategy specifically for you.

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Services For Individuals

Services For Individuals

One thing is undoubtedly true: as you age, you will require money to preserve your quality of life and, if necessary, costs associated with caring for your health.  To help plan for these realities, our Prosper Financial team provides financial advising services to individuals from across the Northwest Indiana region at our Schererville office.

Financial Services for Individuals

We offer a full spectrum of financial solutions for individuals and their families. Contact us directly to learn more about the services that we offer.

Private Wealth Strategies

The idea of wealth protection, management, and growth can be daunting. Prosper Financial understands that complete wealth enhancement plans are the most practical way to safeguard, increase, and grow your financial portfolio. We work with business proprietors, the privately wealthy, families, those who have just inherited their assets, and more.

Pension Plans

A pension plan is a defined system of contributions, usually by an employer or employees, that provides retirement earnings. A pension plan may be fully funded or have no asset base, in which case payments will be made directly from the sponsoring employer.

Retirement Planning

A pension plan is just one component of retirement planning and just one of the many retirement funding options that we offer. Our financial specialists will assist you in understanding your retirement plans, including the amount of money you’ll require for retirement when you’d like to retire, how to start preparing for retirement, and the best kinds of retirement saving opportunities. We can also assist you in planning for unexpected costs, including emergency healthcare.

401(k) Plans, Mutual Funds, & Securities

At first glance, 401(k)s and mutual funds may seem very alike, but they have some important distinctions. A 401(k) is one of the most mainstream retirement saving accounts, and money in your 401(k) will have the opportunity to grow your money tax-free or tax deferred on accumulated growth over the years. We can tell you about the differences and advantages of each and how to go about making a wise decision for your future.

Life, Health, Disability, & Long-Term Care Insurance

Insurance is a critical element for financial security – and there are many options on the market designed to help you in times of financial hardship, such as a disability or health event, if you require long-term care, or even if you die. Understanding which policy options are most valuable for you can be a challenge – we are here to assist you in making sure you are aware of your choices and how they can impact your future.

We can advise clients through planning for significant life events and those with unique needs.

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Being able to protect your wealth is a significant part of protecting your future. At Prosper Financial, we provide our clients with individualized, tailored, and personalized engagement. To learn more about our offerings and how to prepare yourself financially so that you and your family will be provided for over the years, reach out to us today. You can do so by calling our Schererville office or completing our online contact form.