New Client Process

New Client Process

New Client Process

Our financial planning professionals at Prosper Financial believe there is never a wrong time to begin preparing for your future, regardless of your current age or economic standing. To learn more about our financial planning services for businesses and individuals and how our team can help you manage your wealth, arrange for retirement, and address your economic wellbeing, please contact us.


Our approach starts with a free initial phone consultation or an in-person session where we can get to know your goals, your economic vision, and your plans for your economic future slightly better. This is also a moment for you to get to know our team, get a sense of our services and what we offer, and decide whether or not we’re a suitable fit for you.


After your initial meeting with our financial advisors, if you choose to move forward with Prosper Financial’s services, we will then begin the analysis step of the process. This is the first phase of our financial advisory offering. We will perform a thorough analysis of your overall financial situation. We also make suggestions during this time specifically designed to suit your needs and aimed at ensuring your current finances’ long-term stability.


In the transition phase, Prosper Financial will take the necessary steps to transfer your assets so that our team can begin to manage them efficiently. The transition phase may bring up feelings of uncertainty, but we want to assure you that we take pride in providing our clients with the most seamless transitions possible. We have the knowledge and experience needed to do this without any mishaps along the way, which also permits us to proactively take precautions to help minimize the taxes that could be incurred with a transition. If you are currently working with other financial specialists, including lawyers, accountants, or advisors, we want you to know that we will work collaboratively and productively with them.


Once the transition phase is complete, the next step in our new client process is executing the financial plan our experienced team of professionals have developed specifically for you. The exact actions involved will depend on the nature of your chosen saving or investing options, and your financial advisor will provide details on what this includes based on your individual financial plan. As our client, you may contact us to check in with your investments and accounts at any stage in the process.


As a new client of Prosper Financial, we hope you will feel assured in the understanding that your assets are in capable hands. We encourage you to take advantage of our numerous beneficial client services, including online account access, regular statements, detailed reports, paperless delivery, and regular in-person or phone meetings with a financial advisor. We will ensure everything is up to par and that your preferences and expectations are satisfied.

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Whether you’re a business owner navigating a complex exit strategy or a pension recipient who’s never worked with a financial advisor before, Prosper Financial has options and services that can assist you. Schedule your first meeting with our team to kick off stage one of the new client process. Please contact us today.