Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

Northwest Indiana Financial Planner

At Prosper Financial, we understand that the complexities involved in planning for your financial future can leave you with questions. We believe that money can lead to new opportunities, and we are committed to working with you to make steps towards the vision you have for tomorrow. Our Northwest Indiana financial planners offer services for both individuals and businesses looking to strengthen their financial portfolios. 

Who Should See a Financial Planner?

If you have never worked with a financial planner before, you may wish to consider your goals and the complexity of your finances. At your consultation, our advisors will discuss those goals with you and try to get a better picture of your situation. To get the most benefit out of this initial consultation, it’s recommended that you come in with an idea of what you’d like to accomplish with your money. 

When deciding whether or not you’d like to work with an advisor, you may wish to consider your current situation and the level of comfort you have working with your finances. If you are going through major life changes, a financial planner can work with you to understand some of the consequent financial changes. For instance, marriage, divorce, new children or changes in employment can all create circumstances where you may want to revise your current strategy. 

Advising and Wealth Management Services for Individuals

Prosper Financial’s process starts with a consultation. Once we’ve gotten a better idea of what you’d like to accomplish, our financial planners will create a specialized plan for your review and then, if you are comfortable with the proposed strategy, move on to implementing and managing your wealth. We’ll continue to review your finances for as long as you continue services with us, and you will be able to reach out with questions or concerns at any time. 

Business Planning and Advising Services

If you own a business here in Northwest Indiana, you know that there are many aspects involved in setting your business up for monetary success. Our team at Prosper Financial can assist with developing plans that may be appropriate for each stage of your company’s growth. We offer services in business continuation, wealth management, and more. When you are getting ready for retirement, we can also assist in developing an exit plan that is aimed at facilitating transition of the business and giving you both peace of mind and control over the timing of your exit from the company. 

Scheduling an Appointment With Prosper Financial in Northwest Indiana

Businesses and individuals alike go through changes that may call for a change in financial strategy. Our team at Prosper Financial will work with you to navigate those changes and develop a plan that aims at accomplishing your future goals. To learn more about our services or schedule a consultation, contact us today.